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It is wonderful when I find someone (or someone finds me) and together we tackle the go to challenge of what to put on their walls. My client for this particular triptych initially told me she needed art. She seemed a bit stymied on how to go about doing that. I made it my job to make the situation as easy and pleasant as possible for her. She never had to leave her house. Our first meeting consisted of my consulting her on her taste and wishes. I looked at the spaces and made notes on existing colors and textures. The next meeting consisted of my bringing "rough" paintings for her approval. After my final paintings were approved we consulted on framing. The last time I came to her house I installed the work. I am happy to say she was thrilled with not only the quality of the artwork and framing but also how simple and stress free the entire process was for her. 

Marita's Triptych

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