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15 1/2"h x 16 1/2"w

This painting was all about challenging myself. I saw this cloth in an artist friend's rag drawer. I didn't think she would be too offended by my asking her if I could have it. She was very kind to do so. After I saw it again in my studio I was intrigued with the idea of painting a glass plate on top of it. I wondered if I could achieve that realism. I started with a very careful drawing of the pattern. I have found that with repeated pattern the drawing must be perfect or you will end up with distortion. As I started applying paint my first step was to make sure and retain the white areas. After the pattern was painted and on top of it I created the look of the center of the plate with yellow ochre. I continued to add darker values to achieve the dimension of the plate and the cast shadows. It wasn't until I painted in the cast shadows that I knew my experiment actually worked. There is a companion piece to this painting titled The Last Strawberry.  My framing is always archival. The frames used on the two paintings suit the work beautifully. They are gold painted wood.

Lemon Slice

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